Remaining optimistic on emerging markets

January 2024

The year 2023 turned out to be fairly pedestrian in terms of emerging markets’ performance. The asset class was weighed down by China, which recorded its third consecutive year of negative returns.

Annual report 2023

November 2023

This is the thirteenth annual update on the Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust plc (“The Trust” or “Scottish Oriental”). Our aim is to provide a general update on some of our current thoughts and views, insights about existing holdings, and changes to the portfolio over the period.

Solara Eclipse

October 2023

In our team, mistakes are teachable moments to be shared and learnt from. Thankfully, for us and our clients, in our history of investing in India we have managed to avoid the big ones.

An essay on not investing

June 2023

As the saying goes, those who stand for nothing, fall for everything. And so it is that we believe there isn’t a price for every business. Most are better left alone in the interests of sleeping better at night. Staying disciplined to our process means erring on the side of caution and avoiding companies where we have lingering suspicions about the governance practices.

Meeting companies amid China's post-Covid rebound

May 2023

In this Q&A, we sat down with our China portfolio managers Martin Lau, Winston Ke and Helen Chen to discuss their views on recent questions from our investors, and share some key takeaways from the team’s recent visits to mainland China. Read the highlights of the conversation. 

Elephants can't gallop

April 2023

What can investors expect from an investment in The Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust plc? Watch and read AJ Bell’s latest coverage below on the company’s history and performance.

Annual General Meeting 2022

December 2022

On Monday 5th December Scottish Oriental held its 2022 AGM at the London offices of FSSA, the investment manager to the company.

Following the formal business of the meeting, Sree Agarwal, the deputy portfolio manager, gave a presentation on “What to Expect from Scottish Oriental” and the slides from that presentation are now available to view.

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